Farmer Profile: Marisa and Heather, Moshky Farm

We chat with Marisa and Heather at Big River Farms

Moshky Farm

What’s your relationship with farming?

H: I grew up growing food in Zimbabwe. We focus on growing the seed collection I’ve saved from Zimbabwe. 

M: I come from a loud Italian family that loves to eat but is no longer connected to the origins of their food. With Moshky Farm we wanted to connect people to food and heal a broken relationship to the land.

Tell us about your farm!

Moshky Farm is a women-owned business growing organic vegetables. We offer bi-weekly boxes packed full of the freshest, in-season produce and a monthly cocktail kit so you can craft cocktails at home with the flavorful, unique ingredients from the farm. 

Moshky CSA

We want to restore the joy of good food and connection to the land. We want people to experience the farm with all senses–smell the fresh vegetables, taste the difference between greens, see the vibrant colors as you cook. 

We farm on land that belongs to the people of the Dakota nation and was stolen from them. We seek to practice sustainable, restorative, and respectful farming and work to honor the land. 

Would you share a favorite farm memory?

M: The name “Moshky” is a totally made-up word. Heather and I met working on another farm where we would all cook lunch together. We’d use scraps left over from the morning’s harvest and throw it in a pan… the finished product was called “Moshky”. 

H: To us, Moshky means bringing together the unique flavors and diverse parts of ourselves into something creative and beautiful. We think it’s important to connect through food, farming, and cooking. Nothing makes us happier than cooking.

Experience at Big River Farms?

Big River Farms has been an incredible community! For us, farming wasn’t meant to do alone and growing alongside other farmers who are also navigating all the ups and downs has been really uplifting. We’re very grateful to be part of this community.

Any surprises?

Every day farming is a surprise. 

Challenges you’ve faced as an ‘emerging’ farmer?

It’s no secret that it’s incredibly difficult to make a livable wage farming. Unfortunately, our food system has been designed to benefit large-scale industrial farms and make food artificially cheap through subsidies and agricultural policy. Those who can afford to pay more for local and organic products aren’t accustomed to paying the true cost of food. Those who can’t afford to pay the true cost of food are excluded from accessing local, healthy food. 

That means that small-scale farmers like us have to cut prices to compete. We have to do a lot of education about why our food tastes better, is healthier, and sometimes costs more. Farmers like us have to be horticulturalists, meteorologists, businesswomen, economists, and activists.

Moshky Lilac Gin & Tonic

What do you enjoy about being a small business owner?

Knowing that we’re growing healthy food, nourishing the soil, and making choices about our business that align with our values is very rewarding. 

We’ve nicknamed each other “Boss” and it’s fun that we call everyone on our farm “Boss” –because we can!

Biggest success?

We knew that WE loved the cocktail shares we created, but it’s been really rewarding to see that our customers enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy creating them! 

You can learn more and sign up here.   |   @moshkyfarm

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