Resolving Hunger Takes More Than Food

KaZoua Berry’s life mission is to resolve hunger. As a certified health coach, she taught people how to prepare and cook nutritious food. As a community organizer, she helped people start community gardens in their backyard. As a collaborator with Frogtown Farms in St. Paul, she began the practice of seed saving- collecting and saving the seeds so that they can be replanted later. Currently, as the Program Manager at Big River Farms, she educates urban farmers how to grow food and manage farm businesses.

KaZoua standing next to tomatoes at The Food Group micro farm in New Hope, MN

To resolve hunger, we need to center the conversation around food access. KaZoua explains, “Food is at the center of who we all are. I don’t want to just end hunger, I want people to eat nutrient dense food that nourishes their bodies and minds. It should be culturally relevant to them. It should also heal the land rather than cause further damage.”

KaZoua believes hunger is a food justice issue. “Food justice is when people can walk less than one mile and access affordable, nutrient dense, healthy fresh foods. It means that people can grow foods that are relevant to them and their community. It means farmers don’t have to compromise the food they grow based on the income they’ll make.”

Food justice. . . means farmers don’t have to compromise the food they grow based on the income they’ll make.”

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Providing food that is culturally connected and nutritious is crucial step towards strengthening and empowering our communities. KaZoua reminds us, “When people can connect to their culture through food it takes us away from that processed food and a conventional, commercial way of eating.”

By supporting local farmers, growers and producers, together, we are closing the gap on food inequities and creating better health outcomes for all.

The Food Group believes in food equity. They believe in culturally specific foods. They believe in meeting people where they are at. And most of all, they believe in dignity.

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